Home-made Xmas decorations – how hard can it be?

You’re great at fixing things, you’re handy with a craft knife and when it comes to finding and changing those pesky blown fairy light bulbs you’re the boss. So why not turn your handy DIY skills to great use for this festive season by making some awesome Christmas decorations?

Decorating your home with decorations that you’ve made yourself is definitely going to more eye-catching and original than some that have come from your local supermarket, and to be honest you don’t even mad creative skills to make things that are going to be treasured. With a little bit of knowhow, free time and patience you can give making your own decorations a go. Check out these cool ideas here.

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Especially if you’ve got kids, this is a great DIY project that you can do together and it’s not even that time consuming either. All you need are 24 empty match boxes (now is the time to start pestering friends and family for them), wrapping paper, glue or a glue gun, pen and of course some sweets! Glue the match boxes together in sections; 9 then 7 then 5 then 3 then 1. Wrap each section in festive wrapping paper (you can always do each section in a different one) before stacking and gluing to one another. Write your numbers on the edges of the match box drawers and then you can fill with sweet treats. A bargain to make and really fun, this is a great homemade advent calendar hack.

Spray-painting pine cones

Bringing evergreen into the house in winter is an ancient traditional so why not do it with your own twist? All you’ll need are some pine cones which you should be able to hunt in your local park or woods, some white or silver spray paint and of course a face-mask. Make sure that the pines are totally dry (a couple of days near a radiator should do it), before taking them outside or to a well-ventilated area and spray painting them with your shade of choice. Let them dry out completely (ideally overnight) before arranging as you please for a fantastic winter decoration.

Candle holders

This is a tutorial that we found on Pinterest and is a great way to put your DIY skills to creative use. Using a thick branch, cut it into sections of around 10-20 cm. Next using a drill bit, create a well that will fit your tea-light light. It really as simple as that and only require the bare minimum of know-how. Do remember to use only battery operated tea-lights though!

Simple, rustic and completely charming, give making your own Christmas decorations a go this year – you might just be surprised by creative side.

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