Gifts for her that’ll hit the nail on the head!

Are you always stuck when you have to find some fantastic gift that she’s going to love? Whether it’s you mum, auntie, partner, sister or friend that you’re shopping for it’s obvious that you want to find just the right thing but it can be a bit of a minefield. And especially if there are no hints forthcoming, you can find yourself resorting to a last minute bunch of garage forecourt flowers – disaster. Read More

DIY projects for the beginner

We’re not born with an innate sense of how to do DIY and with an increasing failure within education to teach these basic household skills, it can be quite tough to know where to start. As long as you can read and follow instructions and have a few basic tools like we talked about here, you can start tackling some simple DIY projects that will help to improve skills and confidence. Read More

8 Tools that every DIY-er should own

People that love DIY are a bit like people that love to cook in that they have an ability to acquire a huge array of equipment, some of which has never even seen the light and day! It can be all too easy to fall prey to the latest marketing gimmick and become convinced that you need a fancy schmancy piece of equipment when all you really need is a new drill bit. Read More